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Talent Management

Representing a wide array of talent to support client's goals

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--ts Brand Elevation represents a wide array of talent – from business and community leaders, authors, and athletes to entertainers, fashion designers, and beauty industry professionals.

Tiffany draws on her unique creative vision and strategic insight to identify and secure promotional opportunities for her clients. Through her vast network of well-established connections and relationships, she seeks to secure speaking engagements, book tours and signings, product and company endorsements, TV and film placements, co-branding collaborations, and networking opportunities that align with her client’s brand, message and goals.

Cross-Promotion Highlight

Client: Andre Williams, high-end denim line designer & former NFL running back

Successfully pursued opportunity to feature client’s All Weather Selvedge logo on a NASCAR, giving our client’s denim collection brand invaluable exposure to a new audience of primarily jean wearers who wouldn’t otherwise have known of the product line.

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Boldly Creative.  Strategically Focused.

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