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Felicia Thai Heath

Memoirist, Speaker, Anesthesiologist

Felicia Thai Heath is a triple-board-certified critical care anesthesiologist, blogger, and debut author. She spent a month alone in a studio in the heart of Philadelphia to write the original manuscript of Spirit of a Hummingbird: Memories from a Childhood on the Run, just seventy-two hours after delivering her third child. Felicia now lives in Pennsylvania with her husband and four children. She practices medicine as she anticipates a shift in the universe with the release of her memoir and looking to tell her story on the big screen.

About Spirit of a Hummingbird: Memories from a Childhood on the Run
In Spirit of a Hummingbird, Felicia Thai Heath, the daughter of Vietnamese and Chinese immigrants who met in the United States, gives us a disquieting, eventful memoir based on her early childhood on the run with her father—a notorious Vietnamese kingpin and escaped convict—and her conflicted mother. Clever and mature beyond her age, young Felicia experienced poverty and witnessed abuse as her dysfunctional family bounced around in the United States and Canada. Amid all the tumult and terror, she found ways to love her family, educate herself, navigate her world, and discover her potential.



Felicia is embarking on a book tour to promote Spirit of a Hummingbird and continues to book speaking engagements and in-store signings. 

Speaking Engagements

Penn State Schuylkill Inaugural Healthcare Conference, Q&A Panel Discussion

Illume Books Author Event, Small Group Reading, Discussion, Q&A

Easton Book Festival, Author Book Reading and Q&A


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September 2022

"Spirit of a Hummingbird" is published by River Grove Books

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